Surfacing for air

I haven't posted since March, wow!

I've been keeping busy with my three kiddos and figuring out how to establish some semblance of a housework routine. Right now it's mostly: wash dishes, cook, dirty up more dishes, get behind on washing dishes because the potty-training toddler didn't make it to the potty in time, the baby needs a bath because she made a mess with her dinner and needs a bottle afterward and then someone drew on the wall and then another is hungry again and the clothes need to be washed and the floors need to be mopped and so on and rinse and repeat. Add that to the fact that I was already behind on laundry, and it's just a big mess. And since I've struggled so much staying on top of my book reviews, I'm stepping back a bit and only reading/reviewing one book at a time. Such is this season.

On that note, I have 2 book reviews to write. One is for Moonflower by Anne Elizabeth Stengl and the other is Fortress of Mist by Sigmund Brouwer. I know they are late but they will be posted soon.

Crafting wise, I made a pennant banner and a pinwheel wreath for my son's 4th birthday party in May. I'll upload some pictures for a birthday post later. Let's see...I tried to sew a pair of baby shoes but the pattern was too large. I need to find a different one or tweak the one I have. I'm in the middle of sewing curtains for my kitchen window and my boys' bedroom. I also have some fun orange fabric waiting to be turned into curtains for our our computer room (which we have redone and sort of turned into a school room). I've crocheted some dishcloths and right now I'm working on a market bag.

Those are my big projects right now. It's enough to keep me busy - there's always something to do! Unfortunately my laundry doesn't get magically folded and put away while I'm crafting so I do have to make some sacrifices. Hence why all of my projects are started but nowhere near finished. I will try to take some photos so you can see my progress.

What are you working on?

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