Letter of the week

My 3 year old is all about his ABCs right now – it’s a common occurrence to hear him singing the alphabet, so I decided to take advantage of his interest and start a letter of the week. This week is the letter P.


His easel is dry-erase on one side and a chalkboard on the other. I found some cool dry-erase crayons by Crayola and so far they seem to be much more kid-friendly than the markers.

In spirit of the letter P, we talked about things that start with P. I was aiming for a few things that would fulfill his tactile needs and engage his senses and figured food and crafts would be a good place to start. I wanted to incorporate the season as well.

We made apple pie, and talked about shapes. The pie is a circle, the top is cut into strips of rectangles, etc.


The boys like to “help” by standing on chairs next to me as I work. They’ll help me count out the cups of flour, count how many eggs, things like that. My almost-two-year old loves to whisk the dry ingredients and make dough. Messy learning is sometimes the best kind.

chef ben 3

We also made little pumpkins with cardstock and a gluestick (and scissors, but I did the cutting for them) and talked about the shape and color. Their pumpkins are currently adorning our mantel :)


I’m gradually acquiring ideas and supplies to do more with the fall season. I want to make our mantel a central location to display their crafts – I think we can pull off a Thanksgiving garland and a few crafty pumpkins, and go on a nature walk to find leaves and pinecones. That’s a little glimpse into our “preschool” activities – looking forward to sharing more of it!  :)


  1. There's no better way to learn than digging in and making it fun! Bravo!!! Plus, you are creating precious, precious memories with those adorable boys :)

  2. Good for you Mama Java! The pie looks yummy and what better way to learn than to make something everyone loves to eat? Crafts are an excellent way to learn and to be creative at the same time! You are making wonderful memories with your children in the process. My kids remember standing on chairs in the kitchen to "help". Way to go Mama! xoxox

  3. What fun!! Having never subscribed to a blog before, what does that entail? What makes it different from just going to check it out each day or so? Dorothy

    1. It just mean you are notified when I update with a new post.



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