Is it dusty in here?

It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I took a break from blogging while I prepared for my baby girl’s arrival, and I have a lot to catch up on. I finished the crocheted baby blanket a day or two before she was born, and it’s the perfect size for the carseat.

I also made this autumn wreath for my craft room door:


It was pretty inexpensive to make. I found the grapevine wreath at Goodwill for $2, and the leaves were leftover from a garland I used to make the wreath for my front door two years ago.

Of course, my most labor-intensive craft (pun intended) is right here:

river crib

River was born on Labor Day (I’ll be taking that day off from now on, lol) and on her due date!  I’m very thankful that my blood pressure stayed down so she could be full term. I’m also thankful that I was able to go into labor on my own. I actually made the autumn wreath while I was in labor, though I didn’t realize it was real labor at the time. I was hot-gluing leaves onto the grapevine wreath in between contractions! My water broke at 11am, we arrived at the hospital at 12:20pm, and she was born at 2:36pm! Recovery has gone really well, and we’re adjusting to being a family of five.

I have cloth diaper covers to make, and I want to find some cute fabric to make fall dresses for River. Most of her things are for the summer season, but it’s starting to cool off here so she needs a few things for layering. I’ve been making crocheted washcloths, but I have a pattern for a market bag that I would love to try, so I need to get more yarn for that project. And I have a book to review as well. Plenty to keep me busy! :)

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  1. You are a busy moma. Love all your crafts and can't wait to see this bag you make.

    That's a gorgeous crib! Where'd you get it? ;)

  2. Love your newest craft project...Baby River!

  3. Super cute! I'd love for you to link up your project to Do Something Crafty Friday:



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