crochet newbie

I’m really enjoying learning to crochet. It’s nice to sit down in the recliner in the evening after the boys are asleep, wrap up in a quilt, sip some hot tea, and work on a project. It’s relaxing, but because I’m learning new stitches and how to keep the right tension, it keeps my mind occupied. And it keeps my fingers from getting stiff.

Yeah, I’m turning into an old lady.  :)

I recently discovered Oh man. I have a long way to go before I can even think about undertaking some of those projects – there are some extremely creative people out there! But you can find me and friend me if you want. My username is mamajavacrafts.

My yarn stash so far is minimal, but I suppose for now that’s good.


The green yarn is glittery, and I just couldn’t resist it. The only downside is that it seems to stretch out more than the other two yarns. I love the aqua. It’s so soft. The white yarn has flecks of pastels, and I thought it would work well for the baby-themed projects.

Here are some of my practice projects. They are by no means perfect, and I’ve only been doing this for a couple of months. I only have a J hook, so there’s not a lot of variety yet.

Baby blanket (using this pattern.)


It’s a work in progress. You can tell the bottom edge is wonky because I was trying to figure out the tension. Once I got the hang of it, it evened out. I had to buy two more skeins of the aqua yarn, but the weirdest thing happened. I found the exact brand and color, but one of the skeins isn’t as soft as the other. I didn’t really feel the difference until after I’d done a few rows. I compared the labels, and the only difference is the lot number. So I need to switch to the other skein I bought, because that one is the right texture.

Baby headband (using this pattern for the headband and this pattern for the flower.)


Definitely a practice piece. I’m just glad it kind of resembles a flower! I plan to try again, and do a smaller flower. Making a bigger one helped me see what I was doing a bit better. It’d probably help if I had a smaller hook/yarn too.

Crochet Rug (using this tutorial.)

In my mind, this could be really cool. But my mental idea translated to reality…it’s a work in progress.


I’m trying to figure out the best tension for the puff stitch, but I’m getting better with practice. I haven’t made the rounds for the base of the rug yet, so it’s just a matter of visualizing it for the moment. It’s not a project that will be done anytime soon, but that’s okay with me. It’s a nice one to fall back on.

All in all, crochet is my new favorite craft. And the phrase “practice makes perfect” has never been more true, lol.


  1. Hang in there! You are doing great. The crafty gene did not bypass you :) I hope River has it too!

  2. Great job, Taylor!! I started out with one hook, too, and a stash of varying weight yarns from my mom (knitter and crocheter and spinner extraordinaire...!). I love that you can keep projects as simple as you need but always have the option to learn a new stitch or technique that ups the level of the project. I have forayed into t-shirt yarn (a good bulky for rugs, potholders, washcloths, & baskets) and recently bought a few more hooks -- they're pretty cheap if you can get them with a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby. Keep moving forward! Your little girl is going to be so much fun to crochet for!!! :D

  3. I'm impressed Taylor at the rate you are learning to crochet! So happy that you are enjoying the process. And PS it's not an old lady craft...LOL!



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