Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

I thought I’d share a little bit about Baby #3. 

We’re naming her River Abigail. She is the first granddaughter on both sides, and she already has her daddy wrapped around her pinky finger. I haven’t posted much about nursery ideas, but since I have access to Pinterest and a cup of coffee, I’m taking this chance to share some of it.

Our house has two dedicated bedrooms and a den that can be converted into a 3rd. Right now the den is our computer room/entertainment room, one of the bedrooms is our bedroom, and the other one is occupied by two wild boy people. It’s amazing how much of a tornado a 3 year old and an 18 month old can be. But moving on…

River’s room will be our current bedroom, and we plan to convert the den into our future bedroom. This means our house, while usually disorganized and crazy, is even more out of sorts while we move things around. Right now our bedroom is mostly empty while we prepare to paint and then rip out the old carpet. There is a great hardwood floor underneath all that carpet.

We’re definitely doing her nursery on a budget, so that makes it a challenge, but kind of a fun one! I wondered if we’d be able to paint the nursery – paint is one of the easiest room transformations, but it can get pricey. So I made myself a rule – instead of buying new paint, I would only look for nursery paint on the oops paint shelf at Lowe’s. And I waited and waited. Finally, I found the paint color for the walls in the nursery for a great price ($5 for a brand new gallon) and it’s the perfect color. It’s the second color swatch, a light pink with a hint of peach.

My dad made our crib when my first son was born, and we’ll be using it for River as well. The black finish of the crib will look great with her bedding, which I found at a local consignment shop for $20!

I’m going to make a photo wall of vintage Barbie prints. I’m not certain, but I think the prints are 12x12, and I have them all from an old calendar. Great way to reuse and repurpose! There are 12 prints, but these below are the only ones I have images of on the computer.

Lots of great colors, and it’ll be a cute focal point.

As for curtains, I have a pair of white sheer curtains with peach seashells stamped on the edges. My aunt made the curtains for me years ago, so it’ll be cool to have something from my teenage bedroom decorating my daughter’s nursery. 

Eventually we want to install ceiling fans in the bedrooms to help with air flow, and when we get one for River’s room, I want to do this to the fan blades:

It’s scrapbook paper mod podged onto the blades. How cool is that?

I’d like to throw in a little bit of aqua or light green, so we’ll see what sort of crafty thing I can come up with. Pinterest is a gold mine of ideas!

It seems like a lot to do. We only have about 8 weeks before River arrives, and thankfully, we don’t have to have everything completely done by then, because she’ll be sleeping in our room for the first few months. But it’s fun to finally be able to get started on some things.

I’m still searching for the perfect grey wall color (for the perfect price, of course) for our boys’ room. Their room is a transportation theme with an emphasis on outer space, and it really needs to be...uh, refreshed. A new paint job would really transform their room (and hide the crayon artwork), and a pair of happy green curtains would finish it out. But one thing at a time!

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  1. I just love everything about this future nursery, especially my River girl ;)



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