Backyard garden tour

This is my first time linking up to Rural Thursday. I heard about this blog hop from my mom, who blogs at Stuff & Nonsense. She recommended that I join up, so here I am!

I used to live in the country, but I’m living in the city limits now. I miss the country (no sirens!) but our little patch of property has a lot of potential, and I wanted to give you all a tour. 

This spring my husband & I decided to start a garden. We weren’t sure about the quality of the existing soil or drainage or anything, so we opted to start small. A tomato plant, a squash plant, and some romaine lettuce.


We’ve hit a few bumps. See my tomato plant? It’s really tall!


Oddly, tomato bugs aren’t a problem…but the plant has flowered twice and there are no buds or hints of any fruit! I did some googling, and apparently pollination (or lack thereof) might be the problem.

This is our romaine:


It bolted…in other words, the temps were too hot and/or we didn’t harvest it in time, so it all went bitter. Bummer! It grew really well though, so I suppose there’s hope for next time.

Our pitiful squash plant:


Not sure what happened to this little guy. It just fell over. And not even a hint of squash!

Darn. :(

At least my daylilies are happily blooming. Flowers have a way of making me feel better.





And…a blackberry surprise!



Alas, the bane of our property:


Nasty stuff. It just won’t die. My husband had a horrible reaction to the poison oak and long story short, ended up with MRSA! Be careful around poison oak/ivy/whatever!

Our pecan tree, one of two:


A holly tree, one of four!


Next to the holly is a tree that has the prettiest purple flowers all over it right now:


Oh, I almost forgot my rose bushes! This one shares a space with my daylilies.


It only has one rose left on it now:


This one is next to our carport, and a remnant of an old chain link fence serves as a makeshift trellis. The roses bloom creamy white and smell heavenly.


I’m not sure if this is a weed (probably, that seems to be the way it goes) but it has a very pretty cluster of flowers.



That rounds up my backyard garden tour! I hope we can get rid of that invasive poison oak, because I’m dreaming of an herb garden and my husband has plans for a kitchen garden. We love cooking together, so we would love it if our backyard could provide yummy food and spices!

Thanks for visiting! :)


  1. Thanks for linking up to Rural Thursday! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

    Sorry the garden didn't do well. Maybe things needed to be watered more? I've had trouble from squash bugs this year.

  2. You have a lovely back yard I am having no luck with gardening this year I have given up. Love your pics. B

  3. thanks for the garden tour! very nice!!

  4. Lovely yard and garden ~ excellent photos ~ enjoy ^_^ ~ ~ thanks, (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Well, you beat me to the punch this week :) Hmmm...what am I going to post?! Just kidding. Love the weed flower!

  6. You are wise to start small. I told my Hubs I just wanted a small garden and he bought 42 pepper plants..... all hot pepper plants. What in the world am I going to do with all those peppers.... if they survive. I have a racoon that is chomping them off one by one.

  7. Hi Taylor, I'm popping by from the rural thursday hop. I love your spirit, a garden can be a true test to our will every year! If you learn something from it you're harvesting something bigger than veggies. Your property looks quite promising...those blackberries look delish and the hibiscus flower is amazing!! Good luck fighting back the poison oak,yuck!! Have a great day and keep the faith!!

  8. Gardening has been a learning process for me and so many others! Kudos to you for trying -- trial and error!

    FYI -- the pretty pink blossom in your photo below the holly tree is a Rose of Sharon and the weeds with pink flower clusters is tall phlox. Both are very pretty and hardy -- I also have both!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Rural Thursdays and it's a pleasure to meet you! xoxo

  9. Next time I'm down there,will you share your phlox with me? I would LOVE to have some! I will be happy to share some Hostas and Irises :)

  10. Nancy - thank you for identifying those flowers! I will have to double check and make sure that my husband didn't spray any weed killer on the phlox. I really hope he didn't!

  11. Yay, the phlox did not get sprayed, so hopefully it will stick around! :)

  12. I cannot believe nothing ate your plants!! we have chipmunks, groundhogs, deer, bunnies that come from miles when they know my sees are ready!!! good luck in your garden...stick with it!! It is so rewarding...eventually!
    mushroom soil was our black gold...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.



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