Learning curve

So, I made a cloth diaper last night. It’s definitely not perfect, but hey, at least it resembles a diaper :) I don’t know how functional it is yet, but it turned out pretty cute!

owl cd

I learned a few things while working on it and after inspecting the final product.

I need to work on my pattern a little bit. I sketched out the pattern based on my 1 year old’s measurements, but it might be a smidge too large…I overestimated because I didn’t want it to be too small. The tabs of the diaper need to be re-drawn into more of a squared off shape instead of rounded edges. I think that would be easier since I haven’t mastered sewing around curves, so my wonky stitching wouldn’t be so obvious.

Also…this was my first time sewing elastic onto fabric. I’ve done an elastic waistband on a skirt before, but it was just a matter of feeding the elastic through the casing and tacking it down. Sewing elastic on the diaper legs was a totally different ballgame, and required me to use a 3-step zig zag stitch and I had to stretch the elastic while sewing it. YouTube became my friend, and after watching some ladies sew elastic successfully, I tried for the third time to get it right. I need a LOT more practice! Once I managed to get the elastic sewn on, my fabric didn’t gather as much as I wanted. You can probably tell in the photo. Bummer, but it’s probably due to something I did wrong, so I’ll be researching more of how to remedy that.

Gotta start somewhere though! :)

EDIT 5/7/12: I made a second diaper in the same size, and the elastic & fabric gathered MUCH better this time.

EDIT 6/21/12: I revamped this diaper – it was a great size for my potty-training 3 yr old, but I replaced the hook & loop with snaps, and now it works really well as an overnight diaper for him.

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  1. Elastic can be tricky but it can also be your friend :) Try stretching it a little more to get a tighter gather. Looks good! And the old adage is true...Practice makes perfect!

  2. I made a newborn sized diaper this morning, and managed to get the fabric to gather better with the elastic. Practice will definitely help. :)



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