My 2012 Resolutions

I figured I would post a few resolutions for 2012 and try to  get a little bit of accountability started. I don’t think all-or-nothing resolutions are the best way to go about it, because it’s easier to fail that way. So I’m making general goals, and breaking those down into mini-goals in order to make them a bit easier to keep, though I will find out just how much easier as the year goes on.

So what are my resolutions?

Spiritual – My relationship with God affects all of my other relationships, and I want to be in a much better place at the end of this year. Personal quiet time, prayer, and fellowship at church needs to be at the top of my priority list.

Family – I need more patience with my family. Sounds simple enough, but it’s much harder in reality.

Health – Food-wise, I want to shop wisely and cook nutritious meals for my family. It won’t be all-organic and farm fresh, after all, I do have a limited budget, but I need to plan meals and ingredients accordingly. We are what we eat & drink!

Organization – I want to get my house organized, one room or area at a time. Usually, I feel like I can’t have anyone over because my house is disorganized and messy. I want to change that. Setting a cleaning routine and decluttering are two things I want to focus on.

Blogging – Post more often! I’m really horrible at posting regularly, but then again, maybe I’m just really good at posting irregularly? :) I love writing book reviews, even though I’m behind in my reviews. I ordered a book only to find out it’s the last book in a series, so I have to find the first book at the library so I know what’s going on! Go figure.

Of course, at the end of this year, it’s not like it will really matter whether or not I’ve maintained these. End of the world and all that.


I think I’ll wait until after the 2012 apocalypse before buying Christmas presents. No point in shopping if we’re not going to be here, right? :)


What are some of your resolutions? Do you find them easy to keep?


  1. Haha @ the 2012 apocalypse! Seriously, I mean, why try to lose weight or do anything next year? Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. ;-)

    Seriously though, I have two simple resolutions: the first one is to read 4 chapters of the Gospels a day for 6 months, in order to really saturate myself in the person, teaching, and life of Christ.

    The second is the more usual resolution fare, a weight loss goal. I started Weight Watchers. After trying several extreme diets, a few friends shared that they successfully lost and maintained their weight on WW, and they never feel deprived of anything because you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your points. So I'm going to try that and see how it goes. /end commercial for Weight Watchers.

    Good luck with your resolutions! Eating healthier, staying organized, gaining more patience, and being connected to God are great goals. And I hope you do blog more often so that I have more reasons to stay on my computer. (Maybe less time on my computer needs to be a resolution...).

    1. Hey Gina - I hope your resolutions go well for you as well. I think that's a really interesting idea to go through the Gospels like that. I'm not sure I'd have the discipline to do it, but you'd think if I can check Facebook every day, that I could manage something more important like that. I've heard good things about WW too. Good luck! :)

  2. Love!!! I want to be better organized but I just don't see it happening because I say that every year :o)

  3. I'm really good at blogging irregularly also. haha. Good luck with yours, lady!

    1. Lisa - good luck with your blogging too! I usually get sidetracked and/or I have so much I want to write about that I figure I'll never get it all down before I forget it. :)



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