Book Review: Why Church Matters

whychurchmattersWhy Church Matters is a relatively quick read, consisting of only seven chapters and a section for discussion questions. I thought Harris could’ve elaborated in great detail on the topic, as this seemed a very basic (but accurate) overview of why Christians need to be involved in their local congregation. He covers some very important requirements, like doctrinal accuracy and clarity, but didn’t explore the issues and obstacles in depth like I would have preferred.

Harris makes good points with his chapters – why we need the fellowship with other Christians, how we can serve our community, and how to choose a church. This book would be a good starting place for people who are struggling to find
a church within their community.

Personally, I have some church “baggage” that has influenced the way I view church and membership. I was surprised and kind of grateful that Harris acknowledged that there are some bad church experiences, and he encourages the reader to not give up hope quite yet. Overall, I’d give this book 4 stars.

**I received this book for free via the Blogging for Books program.

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