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Onward to my rambling...

I’ve posted before about my knotty pine kitchen. We had pretty much resigned ourselves to painting it. That is, until I discovered Retro Renovation, a home history and restoration site for vintage homes. I never would have considered our home to fall under that category, but it was built in 1956 so it has quite a few mid-century modern characteristics. Anyway, we haven’t completely marked painting off the idea board, but another solution has presented itself.

See this kitchen? It’s not mine, but if mine looked like it I wouldn’t complain :)


This kitchen used to be darker knotty pine, like ours is currently. After some TLC, it lightened up considerably, and the owners added an aqua backsplash to bring some light & color into the kitchen. I think if we sanded or scrubbed our knotty pine until it was lighter, it’d improve the overall look of the kitchen. It’s one of those things that doesn’t really matter if we botch it, since we'd have to sand a bit before painting anyway. And notice the rafters on the ceiling? Our ceiling is dry-walled (or whatever you call it) but it makes me wonder what’s behind it…I’d keep the knotty pine for sure if we had beams like that. The aqua backsplash is just cool, and seems to complement the knotty pine rather well – it’s a color I never would have thought to use.

And check out these retro inspired appliances – are these cool or what?

Our bathroom, in good ole 1950 home design style, is tiled pink. *barf*  (Retro Renovation would ostracize me, well, maybe they already do, lol) Apparently this pink tiled look was the hottest trend in the fifties, and began with First Lady Eisenhower. In fact, the color is named “Mamie Pink” if that tells you anything. If pink is your cup of tea, awesome. Go for it. Get a pink toilet while you’re at it. But it’s not for us. If it were lavender, I might go for it, but anyway.

We want to turn this:


Into this:

It’s probably not going to happen soon, but it will one day. You can see I already have paint swatches on the bathroom wall.

I need to peruse ideas for our laundry room, since it’s large enough to double as a mudroom. Maybe if I turn it into a pleasant and more functional space, I’d enjoy doing the laundry, ha!


  1. Oh man, that green bathroom is my dream. *swoon* I do like that color of pink, but to me it needs to be an accent color and not the main one.

    You lucky girl. I can't wait to have a house to decorate. :)



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