Blogger fixed?

I can log in and leave comments again!

Blogger is FINALLY letting me log in and leave comments on blogs, but all I gotta say is that fix took FOREVER, and drove me to the point of creating a Wordpress account. I need to decide what I'm going to do: keep both blogs up, or switch completely to Wordpress, or abandon Wordpress, or use this as my main blog and Wordpress as a backup in case Blogger fails again, etc.

Anyway, this is a nice change. I'll be totally honest...while I do like the streamlined nature of Wordpress, it's just not quite the same as Blogger. Blogger has more integrated social abilities, a wider choice of layouts, a TOTALLY FREE ability to create, change, and upload layout templates, syncs with Windows Live Writer, Picasa, etc. Did I mention it was completely free? Wordpress...not so much, not if you want a decent amount of customization.

Blogger is my preference, although I have to say, this issue I had with comments and logging in was extremely frustrating. I hate to waffle back and forth between Wordpress and Blogger, but if Blogger is going to work from now on, I'll most likely stick with it. I haven't really done very much with my Wordpress blog (except a couple of Facebook plugs) so it's not a huge loss. Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, I'm glad I can leave comments again - I've quite a bit to catch up with! :)


  1. ack! people have told me over and over that they have trouble leaving comments on my blog, now I know why!


  2. Thanks MOV! I read several of your posts and wasn't able to comment, so now I need to go back through and try again :)



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