Book Review: Breath of Angel

breath of angelI am somewhat skeptical of “Christian fiction”, but this one took me by surprise and I found myself unwilling to put the book down. If you think “Christian” books are supposed to drop Scripture references on every page and end with a character receiving salvation, you most likely would not consider Breath of Angel to be a “Christian” book. It is a fantasy book, and as such, it takes what we consider to be Christianity and weaves an imaginative story with a strong mythological flair.

Central to the story is a young priestess, Melaia, serving in a temple of the Most High. Given that this is a fantasy novel, characters have various skills and abilities not usually seen in reality – Melaia has the gift of discerning when a person is near death, and can see the soul depart the body. She is also bestowed with a gift of music, which is seemingly unimportant, but becomes very key to the plot later on.

Breath of Angel wastes no time in getting the action started – Melaia witnesses a murder in the first few pages of the book, and the victim is an angel – legendary shape-shifting creatures thought to be long gone. Melaia quickly finds herself in the midst of an epic battle between angels and men, and discovers through her travels that the world is much larger and dangerous than she realized. There is quite a bit of mystery surrounding the circumstances of the angel’s murder, but by her curiosity and aid of allies, she is thrown even further into the fearsome affairs of supernatural beings. The stairway to heaven is destroyed, and she must walk carefully – those whom she believes to be allies may in fact be traitors, and vice versa – she can trust no one if she values her life. As the plot progresses, Melaia becomes aware of who she truly is and the role she must play in this supernatural war.

Breath of Angel is set in what seems to be a medieval time period, though it’s never specified exactly. It reminded me of the Eragon series, if that helps. Not quite as detailed though :)

I’m not sure how else to describe this book without giving a good deal of the plot away. Research the Nephilim, and you’ll have an idea of where this book is coming from. I very much enjoyed it, and recommend it to anyone who has an imagination. It’s the first book in the series, and definitely ends with a cliffhanger, but leaves you looking forward to the next book in the cycle. The book will be released June 21st, so if this sounds like your cup of tea, put it on your wishlist.


  1. Thanks for such an awesome review!!! You defintely have me wanting to read this one :)

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