7 things I’m loving right now:

1) My new blender.

We’ve made smoothies almost every day since we bought it last weekend. Bananas, strawberries, yogurt, milk, and of course, chocolate. While I need more smoothie recipes to make so we can have more variety, our banana/strawberry smoothies are super yummy. We also add chocolate protein powder – Josh uses it as a meal replacement, I use it as a meal supplement. Works really well so far – beats SlimFast and Ensure, lol!

2) Windows Live Writer.
It lets me do so much more with blog posts – lots of customization options for text, images, and margins. It’s also a way to write up posts without being online, which is very handy if you ask me.

3) Children’s consignment shops. I don’t buy the boys brand new clothes from a retail store very often. Not when they’ll outgrow it in a month or a season…case in point, shorts. After we had such gorgeous weather last weekend, I decided to buy some new shorts for Jake – he’s outgrown most of his clothes from last summer with the exception of a few t-shirts. Checked Old Navy and a couple other places online, and to be honest, $12+ is too much for one pair of shorts, especially for a little toddler who is just going to get them dirty outside. So off to a consignment shop I went, where I found 2 pairs of shorts (cargo and denim) + a shorts/dress shirt outfit. All in perfect condition. For $12. At ON, that would have been only 1 pair of shorts, so I think I scored a great deal. I also picked up a diaper stacker for Ben, for a 1/4 of the retail price. It matches his bedding and it’s gender neutral. I might add that there were several pieces of gear for very reasonable prices, like a double stroller, excellent condition, for $99. Yeah. If I ever need baby gear or clothing, the consignment shop will be first place to check. :)

( I’ll also add that I’ve been looking for a new wallet to replace my several-years-old-wallet-with-holes-in-the-change-pocket, but didn’t find anything I liked in various stores. At the consignment shop, there happened to be, in great condition, a Vera Bradley wallet. Perfect size, and I loved the pattern. Oh yeah, it was only $5. Retails for nearly $30. Frugality for the win! )

4) Pandora Radio.
They have an Irish Pub Rock station. How cool is that? It’s fun to see Jake dance to it.

5) My Zune. It’s only a 4gb, but as my treadmill companion, it’s all I need. I loaded most of my classical music on it, plus a few Beatles albums. And a Creedance Clearwater Revival anthology. And all of my Enya albums. Yes, I have eclectic taste. Too bad I can’t put the Pandora Irish Pub Rock station on it. :)

6) Blogging for Books. Free books, I write about them, and share opinions with other readers. Need I say more? :)

7) Annie’s Eats. Nom nom.

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