These are the voyages…

Fun Fact: my husband and I are sci-fi geeks. He’s the Trekkie and I’m the Star Wars guru, & we both love Doctor Who. So naturally, when it came to designing our boys’ nursery, we chose an outer space theme with rockets.

Okay, well, actually, when we found out we were expecting the first time around, I wanted to do a space theme, but couldn’t find any bedding or decorations for it. So I went with my second choice: Beatrix Potter. My mom found a set of Peter Rabbit crib bedding at a children’s consignment shop, and we used it for Jake’s crib. Unfortunately, nobody really carries very much of Beatrix Potter that isn’t in England (thus a fortune for shipping/currency conversion) or priced sky-high for it’s rarity. That coupled with the fact that we were renting our house and subsequent apartment meant the nursery went relatively un-decorated for almost 2 years.


We are able to FINALLY get the nursery in order, and since Jake is beginning the transition from the crib to a twin bed, it’s the perfect time to do a nursery makeover! After researching, I discovered there really isn’t that much out there in the way of rocket ship baby bedding. Target carries a set by DwellStudio, and while it’s super super SUPER cute and mod, the price was above my range. It’s available as toddler bedding, but it didn’t make sense for us to spend an additional $80 on a toddler bed and $50+ on a mattress, because at the rate our boys are growing, they’ll outgrow it in no time, and we already have two twin beds waiting for them.

So instead, we went with this twin bedding set for Jake:

blast off bedding

(This pic is actually the toddler set, but if you click it, it will take you to the twin size on Target’s website.) This bedding is called “Blast Off!” and it is WAY cuter in person. Also, it glows in the dark! How cool is that? Jake loves pointing at the moon and stars :)
While Ben isn’t going to be sleeping in the crib until Jake has completely transitioned to his “big boy” bed, we still picked out a crib bedding set to be used later.  It’s called “Here, There, And Everywhere” and it’s adorable, yes? (Totally liking the  fact that the title is the same as the Beatles song.)



We decided to hang the quilt on the wall above the crib, and both boys like having “art” on the wall. It’s not all spacey, which I’m fine with because we can make it into a broader transportation theme if we want. And actually, that works really well since Jake has trains & dump trucks. There’s plenty of color in the bedding to pull out into room décor too. I’m thinking orange, green, and chocolate accents, and obviously going to bring out some of the space theme throughout the room. Being a bit of an overachiever, I want to build a rocket. A big one. For the wall. With lights.

Yep. A 3-D rocket on the wall.

I’ll post a proper nursery reveal once everything is done!  :)

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  1. very cute, indeed! now let me sell that Beatrix Potter bedding I bought so I can have some craft money ;) as for the big rocket...yep. you can do it. with your dads help. he's the pro cardboard builder. think VBS :)



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