From the Library of A.W. Tozer


I mentioned a few posts ago that I had signed up to review books and post the reviews on my blog. I’m not required to post positive reviews, only honest ones. The first book I chose is not exactly light reading, but it’s by far one of the best theological books I own.

“From the Library of A.W. Tozer: Selections from Writers Who Influenced His Spiritual Journey” by James Stuart Bell is what I deem to be one of the best devotional & homiletic resources apart from Scripture.

While it begins with a brief biography of Tozer, the rest of the book isn’t designed like most; it consists of excerpts from the works of various saints and theologians (Anselm, Martin Luther, Bernard of Clairvaux, Jonathan Edwards, Teresa of Avila, and many more) and gives the reader a taste of the divine inspiration that so many of these men and women experienced. Due to this design, it is very conducive to devotional use, for one can opt to read an excerpt a day (or week, depending on the excerpt chosen) to meditate on. Were I a pastor or minister preparing a sermon, this book would be an excellent resource due to it’s topical layout and depth of reflection. Prayer, living the Christian life, worship, the Holy Spirit, & Christian doctrine are just a few of the topics covered. Even though the saints and ministers within the book hail from various theological backgrounds, all provide valuable insight and perspectives on the Christian life.

In the course of reading this book, I was challenged, encouraged, convicted, and refreshed. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to rejuvenate their personal spiritual life and broaden their library of classic Christian literature.


  1. Bravo! Well written review :) Makes me want to own it!

  2. Me too, adding it to my wish book list!



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