Flu, scrapbooking, & books!

Just a brief catch-up post…

Our household has been hit by the flu big-time. Our toddler had a super high fever that wouldn’t come down with the usual Tylenol/Motrin regimen, so once the doctor diagnosed Influenza A, we knew it would only be a matter of time before the rest of us would have to fight it ourselves. I’m dealing with laryngitis right now, so I sound rather creepy. (But not as creepy as JoJo the Bunny.) Our toddler is now on the upswing, but last night our newborn began running a fever of 101 and after a trip to the emergency room, was diagnosed with the flu as well. Needless to say, we’ve had our hands full & can’t wait for this stuff to be GONE!!

I haven’t done any crafting lately (see above) and it doesn’t help that my craft room – which is our sunroom - is not heated, so until the weather is consistently warm, I’m cut off from my crafting supplies unless I want to scrapbook in a parka. The one exception was helping my mom host a Stampin’ Up! party, and it ended up being quite a bit of fun. I’m finding out all the cool things that Stampin’ Up! produces, so it’s going to be fun exploring it all.

One of my other ventures with my blog is reviewing books. I’ve seen quite a few places that offer to let bloggers review books for free, so I decided to give it a shot – I signed up with Bethany House Publishers. It’s a Christian publishing company and I was very surprised/impressed by their prompt reply. I just received my book to review yesterday, and I have a month to  read & review it. I’ll be posting my review here on my blog and a retail site like Amazon. I’m also considering signing up with Blogging for Books. It’s a good chance for me to get back into reading and use some grey cells again :)

Hopefully it won’t be so long in between posts, but that’s dependent on how this flu business goes. I can’t wait for Spring and good health!

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