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Our kitchen is a big change from what we've had in the past. The two apartments and house that we rented previously all had small, galley-style kitchens with zero counter space. Now we have floor space, good appliances, a large window over the sink, and decent counter space. The dining room, sunroom, and laundry room are all off of the kitchen, so it's a major traffic area. The only issue we have with the kitchen is aesthetic, and that's the knotty pine. We aren't too big on the moose lodge look, and it's something we want to change.

Here's the kitchen right now:

What we want to do is paint the walls a neutral color + white trim, like the rest of the house. As for the cabinets, we'd been thinking white, but after reading about the polyurethane yellowing over time, we decided it might not be a good idea. 

As I was browsing home decor sites for ideas, I came across a blog where the designer painted her knotty pine cabinets a dark green, and it looks great - check it out here. (I love her floor, so that's an idea for the future as well.)

I've followed  The Lettered Cottage for a little while, and this is what they did with their kitchen:

So now we're wondering if black would work for the cabinets...it's a different idea, but looks very interesting. With the wall & trim colors we want to use, it might work. Going back to The Lettered Cottage, their living room was knotty pine, and looks awesome after painting:

This living room was done by My Sweet Savannah - same pine, new paint, looks great:

And Willow Decor painted her knotty pine rooms as well - it brightened up the entire place:

Anyway. Lots of ideas, but back to our kitchen...neutral walls, white trim, & black cabinets? I think it could brighten up the kitchen and make it feel less like a moose lodge. It'd be a huge project, and we have to save up enough money to do it, but it's an idea at least  : )


  1. I'm in a bit of a black and white phase myself, maybe that's why I'm rooting for you to do it!!! But I do think it would look awesome, especially with the appliances!

  2. I think that would be a great idea painting the cabinets black! Very classy! I would also take the wavy trim down above the sink, it dates the kitchen and it would open up the area more.

  3. Hi! Saw your comment over on Retro Renovation. I hope that you've grown to love your kitchen a little more? It can be a shock at first. That said, I think that your kitchen is beautiful. I found that the key with knotty pine is to add lots of accent lighting - little lights under the cabinets...a cute lamp on the countertop..that sort of thing. The wood can sometimes absorb light so it's good to add extra lighting. You might also think of a bright, cheerful color that you love and add it in with the accessories or maybe some curtains over the window. Something that the eye can go to instead of the wood. Another thing that helped our kitchen a lot was to take down some cabinet doors and devote those cabinets to display space for things with light, bright colors. It's fun to have a display space too. Good luck and I hope that you end up loving your kitchen. It's a rare find.

  4. Honestly, your kitchen is completely gorgeous. I would give my left arm to have a kitchen like yours! Seriously! I think with the right color flooring and a different color counter top you could balance the knotty pine and really make it look nice. I have to admit to painting my wood cabinets, and a few years after I did it I totally regretted it. I urge you to live with the Knotty Pine for a while and see if you don't surprise yourself by falling in love with it.

  5. Eartha - Hi, and thank you for stopping by! I love how your kitchen turned out. Our knotty pine is so dark orange, we may try to lighten it up by sanding or heavy duty scrubbing with TSP. As for adding some color, I was thinking about taking a cue from you and adding a light aqua backsplash. Lighting is a big problem in the kitchen. We replaced the fluorescent light fixture, but the light we chose needs to go over an island. The cooking area needs more lighting too. (P.S, your blog name is very clever) :)

    Sara in AZ - Hello and thanks for your comment! I have to admit it's hard for me to see the beauty in all this wood - I just don't like the knots in the wood...I keep thinking there are bugs on the walls, lol. Anyway, your comment is in good timing, because I found some white countertop at IKEA that might complement the wood and be affordable at the same time. The flooring...eek! I like the idea of 12x12 ceramic tile in the future.

    We've decided to hold off on painting until we either can afford it or find a way to make it work without painting everything. (I confess, we painted the knotty pine den, and while we're not finished with it, it looks a million times better and brighter.) The kitchen is a challenge, so thank you very much for your thoughts! I've bookmarked Retro Renovation for ideas!



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